What Is the Difference in Lexapro and Prozac?

The main difference between Prozac and Lexapro is what they are used to treat. Prozac is strictly used for depression and Lexapro is used to treat depression as well as anxiety and panic attacks. Prozac tends to worsen the symptoms of anxiety attack.




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What is the difference in Lexapro and Prozac?

Prozac and Lexapro are both SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). Prozac was the first real SSRI and Lexapro is (I still believe) the newest SSRI, but they both work in…more

What’s the difference between Prozac and Lexapro?

lexapro same ssri,s but prozac may be worse…sex effects suck…more

how to switch from lexapro to prozac?

1. Consult your doctor and obtain a prescription or samples of Prozac. 2. Slowly decrease your dosage of Lexapro while increasing your dosage of Prozac, as directed by your doctor…more

what is the difference in effexor & lexapro?

Effexor is filtered from your blood through the kidneys, while Lexapro is processed mainly through the liver. Because of effexor’s use of the kidneys, patients with kidney problems …more

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