What are class 1 MHC molecules?

These are ligands that are used to fight killer cells that are similar to imonglubins. These molecules usually change the way things are going. The movements of the molecules may differ depending on the situation. It is usually a cell within an organism.


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what is the difference between mhc 1 and mhc class 2?

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What are class 1 MHC molecules?

MHC class 1 molecules are present in all of your cells except red blood cells (they lack nuclei). They bind to antigen and present it on the cells surface to be identified as foreign…more

When an antigen binds to a Class 1 MHC molecule it stimulates what cell?

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Where is the MHC system class 1 found?

MHC class I is found on the cell surface. ChaCha for now!…more

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