Unusual uses for Lemons

Do you know that lemons have more uses than in cooking? Not only do they have the following more commonly known uses, they are also great for many other unusual uses that may surprise you. Indeed, they are relatively cheaper than many of the items that they an substitute usage for, and do a better job.

Lemons are used in lemonade, apart from honey and water. Lemons are also used as a flavoring in cakes and cookies, as well as an ingredient in cooking soups and other dishes. Lemons are also wonderful in complimenting the sweet taste in desserts and drinks, making them more appetizing and palatable. Indeed, lemons can be used in many recipes. Dried and preserved, it is a sweet on its own.

Lemons are rich in Vitamin C and lemon oil which have medicinal values. A natural and relatively cheaper source than Vitamin C pills from the pharmacist, lemons carry many health benefits. These health benefits include enhancing eyesight, checking the flow of bile and cleansing the mouth. Lemons are also wonderful in preventing constipation, indigestion and killing intestinal worms.

What are some unusual uses of lemons other than the uses mentioned above? You may be surprised that although the juice of the lemon is acidic, the rind actually contains alkaline values that have many uses. In fact, the lemon can accompany you from the beginning of your journey into the world of cooking, throughout the eating process and back into the kitchen for the final clean-up.

* Lemons as cleansing agents.

Lemons make a great cleaning agent as they contain both acidic and alkaline properties. They are great for cleaning the floor and other surfaces of the kitchen. They also make your pots and pans shiny and clean in a jiffy. Not only is the juice useful, after squeezing it all out, do not dispose of the rind.

It is great as a scrub. Because of the lemon oil in the rind as well as the remnant juice in the fruit, it easily removes the oily feel from your crockery, cutlery, pots and pans before you actually need to use a little dishwashing solution to make the final round of cleaning. In fact, at times, you do not even need to use detergent at all. It is good news for you if you have sensitive hands that react to too much contact with detergents.

Lemon juice acts as a natural air freshener as well and gives a refreshing zest to washing. It also has anti-bacterial agents and thus leaves your cookware and hands smelling clean and feeling spotlessly non-greasy.

Lemon juice is also a wonderful metal polisher. If you are not sure how potent it can be on your jewelry, it is best to dilute it and use it in a maximally diluted form repeatedly rather than dunk it all unwisely into the juice in its naturally extracted form.

* Lemons as beauty care products.

Have you ever wanted lighter-colored hair? Someone blogged lemon juice as a natural hair lightener. Lemon juice can also be used to treat acne and skin problems. It is certainly going to cost you much less than hair dyes and skin care products. If you have sensitive skin, it is best that you dilute the juice with warm water that has been boiled or use just a dab of it with a cotton bud.

Take precaution when you use lemon juice. Do not use it on or near the eyes as the juice is acidic and hence will make your eyes smart. Do not use it on open cuts and wounds or abrasions unless you want to do a tribal war dance. If the juice accidentally comes into contact with your eyes, it is best to treat them quickly as you would when they come into contact with acids and alkali.

* Lemons as a weight loss aide.

Lemon juice is a wonderful agent to detoxify your body system. Drinking it in a diluted form in the morning and throughout the day is said to help cleanse the digestive tract and hence aide in digestion. Instead of using artificial flavorings or other fattening condiments to add flavor to your food, lemon juice is a wonderful natural flavoring that can be used in moderation to cook both meat and fish.

Natural or unnatural, uses of lemons certainly lighten and brighten up your life. There are certainly more ways of using this wonderful fruit apart from edible and other uses. Have fun experimenting, and share your findings with others.

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