Tips for Freezing Beets

Many people forget about these nutritious vegetables when planting time comes along, however, beets are packed with vitamins, and the beet greens are even more nutritious, so preserving every last one from your garden is well worth the effort. While canning was once the traditional method of preserving your beet harvest, they can also be frozen.

Regardless of whether you grow your own beets or buy them, you should use a moderate to small beet. Now only does this make preparing them easier, the smaller beet will be more tender, sweeter, and tastier. Beets that have grown to large sizes are sometimes woody and tough. If you have any beets that are wrinkled, older looking, or have suspicious spots, do not use them.

Once you have your beets, cut off the beet greens to within about an inch or two from the beet itself. Do not cut into the beet, since this will release the juices, causing the beet to “bleed.” Wash the beets thoroughly in cool water, and cook in boiling water for about 30 to 40 minutes until done.

Submerging the beets in ice water, once you have removed them from the boiling water, releases the skin, root, and stem, and these should slip right off. Cool the beets and drain.

There are any number of freezer containers and bags available, however, as with anything that you freeze, you will want something that is completely airtight to protect your product and prevent freezer burn. One of the safest is an airtight freezer bag. If you have a vacuum sealer, this is the best, and the beets can actually be boiled and reheated later right in the bag. The beets are, however, already cooked, so preparing them, once they have been removed from the freezer, is mainly a matter of reheating them.

Slice your beets, or leave some of the smaller ones whole, put them in the bag, or container, and seal. Don’t forget to label the containers or bags with the date and the contents. If you are putting them in bags, it is a good idea to allow them to remain flat in the freezer until they are well frozen. By doing this, the pieces remain separated, and are, in the long run, easier to stack in the freezer.

Beets are a delicious addition to any meal, and a vegetable that will contribute a lot of nutrients to the family diet.

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