How to Pin Ears Back at Home?

To pin your ears back at home, we need to have a topical anesthetic You also need to have a sharp instrument. This is ill-advised. You should always get your ears pierced by professional piercer.


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how to pin ears back at home?

1. Cut several small pieces of double-sided tape. 2. Place tape strips on your head behind the ear. You can follow the line of the ear from top to bottom if you choose. 3. Press gently…more

How much does it cost to have your ears pinned back?

I lived in Scotland for 3 years and many people in Scotland have ears that could be pinned. I personally think that it can be very sexy….more

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how to stop a horse from biting & ear pinning?

1. Determine why your horse is pinning its ears or biting. Some horses act much like ‘fear biters’ in dogs, and pin back their ears and bare their teeth because they are uncomfortable…more

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