How to Cure Detergent Allergies?

Curing an allergy can not always be done. Detergent allergies are especially hard, because the chemicals in the soap irritate the skin. It is not the detergent the person is allergic to, but the chemicals in the detergent.


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how to cure detergent allergies?

1. See an allergist to determine what substances or chemicals constitute allergens for you. Your doctor may ask you to keep a journal of your allergic reactions to pinpoint or eliminate…more

how to make your own allergy-free laundry detergent?

1. Grate five bars of hypoallergenic, all natural bar soap with a fine cheese grater. If you know what scents you are and are not allergic to, select a bar soap with a pleasing scent…more

what is a good brand of laundry detergent for someone with allergies?

AllerSafe Laundry Detergent is a concentrated…more

Why do detergents sometimes cause allergies?

A lot of the detergents that we use smell wonderful. However, skin becomes very sensitive to that and it can react to that particularly in areas where the clothing rubs a lot, so …more

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