Difference between Disability and Handicap?

Impairment, disability, and handicap all prevents a person to perform normal functions in certain areas. The difference is that impairment is the abnormality in structure of function of the body while disability is the restriction of lack of ability to perform certain function and handicap refers to conditions that leads to impairment of disability and prevent the person from doing things that other people of their age or gender would normally do.




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Impairment. is defined as an abnormality of a structure or function (e.g. an abnormality of the ear or auditory system. Disability. is the functional consequence of impairment (e.g….more

what is the difference between disable and handicap?

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Handicapped is a word coined in the early 20th Century to describe people with disabilities. It does not refer to cap-in-hand as some think (which was a 16C game of chance). Handicapped…more

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