Difference between Concave and Convex Lenses?

The difference between concave and convex lenses is the way the lens bends. Concave lenses tend to bend inwards while convex lenses bend in an outward direction. Convex lenses are also thicker in the middle than that of concave lenses.




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How are convex and concave lenses different?

Convex bulges outward (thicker in the center than the edge) Concave bulges inward (thinner in the center than the edge) Convex lenses magnify when you look through then, concave lenses…more

What is the difference between convex and concave lenses?

Convex lens let you see far away. Concave lens let you see up close….more

What is the difference between concave lenses and convex lenses?

concave lens are cerved inwards and convex lens are cerved outwards….more

What are the differences between concave and convex lenses?

Concave. lenses curve inwardly. Convex. lenses curve outwardly. * See related links….more

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