Difference between Antiseptic and Antibiotic?

While they sound similar, antibiotics and antiseptics are different, though similar. Antibiotics inhibit the growth of new life, including harmful bacteria. In contrast, antiseptics prevent infection from bacteria.


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How are antibiotics different to antiseptics?

Antibiotic: a chemical produced by microorganisms to inhibit or kill other microorganisms. Antiseptic: a chemical that inhibits the growth of microorganisms on living tissue….more

What is the difference in a antiseptic and a antibiotic

Antiseptics prevent infection by inhibiting the growth of microorga……more

What is the difference between antibiotics and antiseptics?

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What is the difference between antiseptics and antibiotics?

Antiseptics kill germs on skin and objects. Antibiotics are treating bacteria inside the body or on a wound….more

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