Did He Pop My Cherry?

If you had a sexual intercourse with him or he finger fucked you, he probably popped your cherry. There is a very thin skin in your vagina that has a whole in the middle. After engaging in a sexual activity, it tears leading to bleeding in some girls. Other things that may cause your cherry to pop are horse riding or using tampons.

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What are Signs of a Popped Cherry?

‘Popped cherry’ is slang for when a female’s hymen breaks due to sexual activity. The main, outwardly visual sign is bleeding from the vagina and there may be some pain involved….more

How to Pop Your Cherry?

Popping your cherry can be done in several different ways, some of which may have already been done and the ‘cherry’ having been popped. Using tampons, riding a bicycle, and having …more

What is Popping the Cherry?

Popping the cherry is a slang term for taking someone’s virginity. It means breaking the hymen which is a barrier of skin that lays across the opening to the vagina….more

how to pop your cherry by yourself?

The term pop your cherry is a reference to taking ones virginity. And you cannot take your own virginity. You can masturbate with a sex toy, which can break your hymen, but you will…more

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