Definition of Laceration?

Laceration is a wound within the skin that is as a result of injury. There are two types of wounds, namely open and closed wound. Open is in form of a cut due to separation of connective tissues.


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what is the definition of lacerate?

Lacerate:1:having edges that are jagged from injury; 2:cut or tear irregularly;…more

What’s the definition of laceration?

laceration: a torn ragged wound; the act of lacerating…more

What is medical definition of Laceration Repair ?

Definition A laceration is a wound caused by a sharp object producing edges that may be jagged, dirty, or bleeding. Lacerations most often affect the skin, but any tissue may be lacerated…more

What is medical definition of cerebral laceration ?

Neurology Tearing of brain tissue by a sharp object; CLs may occur when the falx lacerates the corpus callosum after trauma of the brain. Cf Extradural hemorrhage, Subdural hemorrhage…more

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