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Conus Medullaris Syndrome?

The conus medullaris is the terminal end of the spinal cord. It occurs near the lumbar vertebral levels 1 and 2. After the spinal cord terminates, the spinal nerves continue as dangling nerves. The upper end of the conus medullaris is not well defined. Source: health guide hq Photo Credit image link More info about […]

Dark Spots after Shaving Legs?

The dark spots after shaving your legs are the hair follicles under the skin. A person with dark hair will have these dark spots especially evident. Even though the skin of the legs is smooth, the hair is growing below the surface and that is what is seen. Source: health guide hq Photo Credit picture […]

Constipation after Surgery?

After surgery, constipation is a common occurrence. The body reacts to the trauma of surgery and the medications like anesthesia that are used by blocking up the colon. To relieve constipation, a doctor may recommend mild laxatives be taken or fibrous foods be eaten. Drinking lots of fluids, especially water can help naturally relieve constipation. […]

Concussion Side Effects?

The side effects of a concussion can range from nothing or very mild to death. The side effects of concussions are pretty much the same thing as the symptoms. Some people with concussions may experience amnesia, mood disorders, be confused seemingly constantly, and may be extremely tired. Some of these side effects happen immediately or […]

Compliments to Give to a Guy?

There are various compliments a girl can give to a guy to help stoke his ego and also help him become interested or stay interested in this girl. She can tell a guy how handsome and smart he is, and also compliment his sense of humor. Comment on his eyes, choice of clothing, and even […]

Clear Gel like Discharge?

Some women experience a clear gel discharge before their menstrual cycle. This typically occurs about 2 weeks before their period. During this time the woman is ovulating which causes the clear gel discharge. This is also the time when most women are fertile. For women looking to get pregnant, this time is when the intercourse […]

Chipped Bone in Finger?

A chipped bone in your finger can be found by taking an X-ray. Fingers are often injured while going about everyday activities. A chipped bone can occur in the distal, middle, or proximal phalanx of the finger. The medical term for fingers is phalanges. Treatment of a chipped bone depends on how bad it is […]

What are warnings of Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray ?

Chloraseptic throat sprays are used to help sooth sore throats. Like any other medicine, there are warnings against using this product. Some warnings include, don’t use if sore throat last longer then a few days, trouble breathing, or if fever and vomiting occurs. Reference: Source: Photo Credit image link More info about this […]

Why does your 3-year-old child cry for everything?

In most cases, a child cries for everything when he/she is lonely, tired or sick, sensitive or angry. Crying is generally one of the ways the child communicates since he/she cannot put sad or angry feelings into words. Source: Photo Credit picture link More info about this topic Why does your 3-year-old child cry […]

Chest Pain Right Side?

Experiencing chest can be alarming, as it is one of the classic symptoms of a heart attack. While chest pain is no minor issue, it’s important to know that it may have a number of other causes. You may experience pain localized around the chest, or it may radiate from the neck to the upper […]