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Seafood for Supper 4 Easy Fast Recipes

Looking to lighten up your “meat-and-two-sides” evening meals? Try seafood, an alternative that offers healthier fats, great flavor and incredible versatility.  Fish and shellfish usually cook faster than meat, too, so you can have dinner on the table that much sooner. Check out these 4 ideas for easy seafood suppers. Pasta with Salmon Cream Sauce […]

How to Cook a Lobster the Humane way

The lobster is defined as “A hard-shelled sea crustacean with a pair of large pincers, five pairs of limbs, eyes on stalks, and long antennae. Native to: Atlantic coasts of North America, Europe. ” Family: Homaridae [Encarta dictionary: English] The insect is defined as: “(an) Invertebrate animal arthropod with a body that has well-defined segments, […]

Is Eating Fish really Good for the Brain – Yes

Mark Twain, the great writer and humorist is quoted as saying: “One should eat a lot of whale blubber in order to elevate the brain to genius status!” And following with: “One medium size whale a week should be sufficient to get the job done!” Of course whales are not fish and one whale a […]

Louisiana Crawfish

I always liked crawfish though I thought they were small lobsters when I first saw them. When I was a little girl in San Francisco, my dad used to take me to Fisherman’s Wharf where I would see the lobsters being dropped into large black pots. My dad said they had to be boiled alive […]

Delicious Ways to Enjoy Vegetables at Breakfast

Fruits and vegetables are one of the four major food groups for a reason: we need them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, fruits have a lot of sugar in them and that’s the last thing you need at breakfast time. So then we are left with the other option: vegetables. For those of you […]

The Intimidation Factor

Lives are often lost in search of a culinary treat. The worlds’ most dangerous job is harvesting the Alaskan king crab. Harvest takes place in the winter months and off the Alaskan coast. This crab is also the largest and most costly. There are several kinds of crabs and they can be found in various […]

Why People Love Crawfish

When the Acadiens moved to Louisiana, the lobsters of the north Atlantic followed them. But the crustaceans had a hard time on the journey. The waters they traveled through were fresh, not salt, and the lobsters missed the tang of the ocean. But they faithfully followed their friends the Acadiens all the same, down through […]

How to Fillet a Fish

Fresh fish is the perfect addition to a healthy, balanced diet. One of the best ways to incorporate fresh fish into your diet is to buy a whole fish from your local supermarket or specialty deli. Or, if you have the means, catching your own fish can be a great way to get outdoors and […]

Step by Step Simple Guide on how to Poach Mussels

Mussels are not only delicious to eat, they are very quick and easy to cook. Like all shellfish, however, mussels do carry an inherent risk of food poisoning where certain simple safety procedures are not observed. This means that sensible care is required both before and after cooking if potential problems are to be avoided. […]

How to Cook Mussels

In my youth and early adulthood, when I used to collect mussels fresh from the rocks at low tide, it was occasionally possible to have the mussles from sea to pan in less than an hour, but certainly always that same day. Although I am fully aware that this is a privilege and luxury that […]