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Recipes Desserts using Lemons

The lemon tree is an attractive evergreen tree that captivates us with its widespread irregular branches. They can grow to be about 20 feet tall and if under the right conditions can reach the age of 80 years old. Did you know that lemons are antiseptic, antibacterial, and can do amazing things for your health? […]

Unusual uses for Lemons

Do you know that lemons have more uses than in cooking? Not only do they have the following more commonly known uses, they are also great for many other unusual uses that may surprise you. Indeed, they are relatively cheaper than many of the items that they an substitute usage for, and do a better job. […]

Cooking Beets

You have some fresh beets, now, how are you going to prepare them? This may seem like a daunting task to some. Relax. Cooking beets is quite simple and can be done in a number of ways. You can steam them, boil them and serve with tossed in some butter or you can roast them. […]

Tips for Freezing Beets

Many people forget about these nutritious vegetables when planting time comes along, however, beets are packed with vitamins, and the beet greens are even more nutritious, so preserving every last one from your garden is well worth the effort. While canning was once the traditional method of preserving your beet harvest, they can also be […]

Boiling Beets

Beets are a tasty treat in any season. The classic way to prepare this vegetable is boiling. A great beet side dish starts at the market. Select beets of uniform size, so they will all cook in the same time. Beets with greens attached are best, as you know they have just come out of […]

Fresh Fish

The best way to judge the freshness of market fish is to use my “show and tell” method: if you can tell it’s a fish before they actually show it to you, leave it at the market! Fresh fish don’t have that fishy smell. Oh, if there are 200 of them together on the boat, […]

How to Fillet a Salmon

I learned to fillet fish, including salmon, in a very busy restaurant in Cherbourg, Normandy, where the required rate was something like one whole fish every 10 seconds, including gutting and cleaning. We used razor sharp filleting knives that were kept so with a few wipes on a steel from time to time and the […]

The Difference between Cod and Scrod

Cod is a fish sometimes over 60 pounds. As a boy during the early 1970s, I once nabbed a 45-pounder. As far as scrod, four years ago I caught a 6-pounder. Both were hauled in from the Atlantic Ocean. Nevertheless, my fishmonger told me that a scrod is a small cod in the four to […]

Catfish Preparation and Cooking

Catfish represent a very diverse group of bony fish that are so named because of the prominent whisker-like appendages near their mouths, which are called barbels. These have nothing to do with exercising biceps or triceps, although not all members of the catfish family have them. Catfish come in many sizes and shapes and some […]

Tips for Storing and Serving Caviar

Caviar, that food of kings, is surprisingly easy to store and serve. By the time the caviar reaches your palette, the hard part of harvesting, packaging, and shipping the caviar is done. Your job is to simply store it, serve it, and savor it. Here’s how: Storing caviar:Where? Always store caviar in the refrigerator, and […]